Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tidal Wave

Blah. I'm so over feeling withdrawn. I have been waking up just wanting to cry. I feel completely off and self loathing. This is so unusual for me. Sigh. I feel like permanent emo status right now, but I always shrug it off and just act happy bc no body likes a depressing person around. I find myself going outside a lot and just staring off maybe this helps? I dunno kinda makes me feel even more lonely and emo. So withdrawn. Anyhow. This probably has to do with this pain I've been feeling since June. I have a rheumatology appointment today and hope it goes well. I seriously hope it is not fibromyalgia. If it is... oh well guess I'll deal with it. I just want to get back to my normal SELF. Waking up energized and not tired. Sleeping through the whole night not tossing and turning for an hour each time I wake up! Anyhows. I still love you Jesus bc you've been through a lot worse >>>this keeps me going<<< And whatever if you are a nonbeliever and think I am crazy. Deal with it. You'll know one day if you answer HIS call.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Headlights Look Like Diamonds

Olla! I have been saying this alllllllllllll day long ^_^ haha I amuse myself. I know it's sick. So anyhow I got off work at 3'oclock thank you God for letting me survive it <3 JUMP FOR JESUS <3 And now I am just sitting here eating Wheat Thins >>>YUM<<< and listening to pandora. I have it on the Neutral Milk Hotel station.... best station ever you will learn many bands that you will just love if you listen to them! Go ahead create a new station! You know you want to! And I found this band Arcade Fire! I'm so sad I didn't know them sooner, SO GOOOOD. Listen to their song Tn The Back Seat! AMAZING and then listen to the song ^^^^ my title for blog post ^^^^^ Love their style so many influences! I mean really? What more could you ask for! In love!!!! Okay I think that is it for the day heres a stream of photos some mine some not :P

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet thing

So sleepy today! Always seems to be like this. This 6-3 work day kills me! I just want to relax sip on my green tea with honey (yummeh (@_@)  and enjoy the rest of the day before 8 pm comes around. Yes I know I'm old, I go to get at 8 pm! I love sleeping! HAH! And plus I have to be up at 4:30! I envy the people who can run on 5 hours of sleep (or think they can, there body probably hates them) Anyhow hope all are doing well and excited to get this blog started!

Trashcan Chic ^_^ haha no but seriously I love these pants, and  guess who made them?! My amazing sister Julia Faye Davison, Here is her line on Etsy