Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Christmas is just awesome! Had tons of fun with new and old friends in my life. My grandparents were also down from New York (on my mothers side). I got a lot of clothes and some money! My dad even went out and bought us gifts? He never does this, and they were awesome gifts! He got me an amazing cast iron tea pot <3 a rosemary candle <3 and a lovely tea cup! Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I get to dress up all lovely! Can't wait! Ok blah blah enough talk! Here's some pictures from the webcam and our night out!

me, sister in law, and MOM

my brother

sister and brother

sister and her husband

brother in law, brother, CUPCAKE with sprinkles ^_~

brother and sister

rough haha


we dunno

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