Thursday, September 29, 2011

From My Hometown

Here's some song links I've been listening to while uploading:
Behind Closed Doors- Josie Charlwood
All That I Know- Josie Charlwood
No Cars Go- Arcade Fire
Moon Dance- Van Morrison
Hometown Glory- Adele

(Right click and open in new tab so you don't divert from my page <3 ... it's a youtube link... if you know how I can get soundtrack that plays on page I would love a link!)

 Had too much fun last night. Ever say that in the morning, and like wait, was that fun? Hah! Obviously not worth it if in the morning your head is pounding. No idea what I was thinking drinking so much! Yikes. Anywho. I did have fun though, and normally I just have water while everyone looks at me with a face, "water?" *shrugs* ( >.>)( >.<)( <.<) But last night I decided that I hadn't been out for some drinks since June so why not?! Now I remember why. Stupid human. (^_^)

That's Isabel she likes to hang out in my water....

On that note. This picture fun is on an app for android called Camera360! (different effects to choose from that are cool but not that much have to be a premium member, still could UI though) Very fun indeed. And free! Other apps that are free and equally fun are. Roidizer (acts like polaroid camera and you can write on its just like a polaroid) Pudding Camera (this one you just pick which type of camera you'd like and what filter and voila) ActionSnap ( I love this little baby! You can set the seconds so that it captures the movement however fast or slow you want it and it give you 4 slides) And my most favorite is Little Photo (The UI is just so amazing, and there is all different types of effects that you can choose from and layer... I play with this all day long lol) Also if you want somethings cool and like a social photo network, there is this app called A World of Photo. It selects from a list of peers all over the globe and you or the peer gets to send a picture depending on where you are at in the thread. The only thing I don't like about this app is that you can actually pin point where this person is! If you are in your house or car they can see your location! Weird! I wrote the app owner and said he should narrow it down to the district, but you know I doubt someone in Rome is going to fly over to the US to stalk you.... you never know though. Okedoke lovely's have a wonderful day!


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