Sunday, September 18, 2011


I wake up. My eyes focus, and my head is pounding. Fuzzy. I stumble to the bathroom. So annoyed. Moments later I flop into my bed, grabbing my laptop. I  have been looking at blogs for 3 and a half hours now. @_@

Check out this girls literary imagination. Her blog is like reading a yummy book. The Style Rookie
Accompanying her is her equally gifted friend Spencer Tweedy

Always pleasantly surprised seeing people around 15 with so much ideas about what's going on around them, and so in tune with themselves already. Bravo.

Now for some pictures

So  I can't wait for our trip to the bahamas. I am so ready to ride some horses on the beach. I don't even care how cliche that sounds! It is going to be BEAUTIMOUS. and I am going to go snorkeling and buy myself a Kodak Playsport <3 EXCITED.
 I love this girls art~ check it out, it is so unique and lovely <3

Gyspy Vanner Stallion
 Talk about a gorgeous horse! God is awesome <3


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