Tuesday, September 6, 2011

White Chocolate Mocha

Today is contradiction day. I wake up and look at the coffee pot, and decide yes I shall have some. I never drink coffee only tea. So it's pouring outside and I'm like hmmm I want to go to Publix and buy some creamer. Get my rain boots on and throw on some color to brighten up this dreary day. Get there and I buy white chocolate mocha... I hate white chocolate haha! Now I'm drinking it out of my lovely tea cup. I love waking up doing random stuff that it's the ordinary agenda for the day <3

On that note I have been reading this lovely ladies blog. Fashion not fashion blog. Love her she is a delight! I love her hair I want to chop mine off and die it my natural a shade darker blonde <3. She is russian I take it so I use google translate for the english... it doesn't do the greatest job very choppy, but oh well.  Anywho look how gorgeous she is <3

Absolutely gorgeous! Read her blog. Very good many sites to look into! And I'll probably post again today bc I have the whole day off! And what else is there to do ^_^

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