Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chill OUT

Me and my friend Rina went around downtown today... where all the "cool" people hang out. It was fun. We had entirely too much to eat! and I discovered these yummy passion fruit bubbles that burst in your mouth... Not sure what they are called but they use them in bubble tea. I am obsessed now. Oh and that in tart yogurt with pecans coconut and the passionfruit bubbles... The greatest thing ever. It is called Yogurt mountain, and it is 45 cents an ounce. They have all these flavors and mix in! I just die it is so good. Then we ate at the King Street Grill, went to Forever 21, ooo and ahhhh at the pretty clothing and went home to be in pain from all the food we ate! See ya ^_~

 the sun was bright

Then the day before we went to the Coastal Carolina Fair. It comes every year, and is pretty eventful. Everyone gets all crazy, and it's at this time when the cold wind starts to blow in and make everythign chilly! Brrrrrr. I didn't go last year, and kind of rememered why! It is only fun going with someone who wants to ride rides... but we didn't have time to anyhow. They have these amazing Chicken in a Pita there that is well worth your 8 dollar though because you can't even finish it! Then there is the elephant ears which you can't leave without! The food is the best part. (^_^)

 elephant ear

Til next time!


  1. Great fair pictures. Also, the food ones look delicious.

  2. oo i can comment? AWESOME anyway i loves you <3