Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No bueno

Ugh not good. Sunday evening at work during my lunch break (4pm) I started to feel really awful... I was really red and blotchy on my neck and chest and fault like major crap. So I went home early around 5:40 after my hour lunch. I always feel bad leaving work or calling out. I have no idea why! If you don't feel good then go home people... it is your body and your health, don't jeopardize it. Anyhow I threw up 8 times between 7-9. Couldn't even hold water down, and twice more between 9-10. I thought that was it but did again at 1am Monday. Needless to say I called out Monday and today (Tuesday) UGH. This bug is kicking my butt! Chicken Bouillon to the rescue. Here are some lovely in bed pictures of death. And picture a day before not a care in the world.

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  1. wow your eyes!