Thursday, November 10, 2011

sausage fest

So I have been busy working lately! Wait why am I excited about that? (^_^) Last night we went to the BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) because they were having a beer pong championship... I suck at this game. It's where you line of cups like bowling pins filled with beer (in this case water bc of laws at establishments) and each team (usually 2 people you can solo though) has to land balls in the cups. We won 2 time then lost :( I was playing with my brother who is awesome... he was picking up my slack (^_^) haha Anyhow there was this annoying guy there that thinks being loud and disgusting is a must to distract your opponents. He get saying double ended dicks and making jerking off motions saying his cum is in the cups? It was really hard not to laugh at his ridiculousness! I don't think he'll be allowed to play anymore IDIOT! Anyhow here are some pictures of different days and last night. I need to get better at keeping days separate! I will try this in the future (^_^) Take care lovelies.

Sausage Fest with a Peach in the middle (^_^)

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  1. OKAY HERE WE GO. i wanted to comment on this outfit here because it is seriously one of the cutest things ive ever seen! love!