Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guys are Peculiar

So... Guys are peculiar creatures... If you don't give them attention... Their ego is crushed, and from there on out they are assholes. This guy Rob who is sweet as PIE all night. Red head.... freckles... (obsessed) has this biggest asshole friend. Maybe because his asshole friend was drunk? So we are playing beer pong and the whole time Rob's friend is being derogatory... making hand gestures next to his cock and he said cunt? Specifically looking at me. I am so livid at this point! Rob is like I know... I think he has had too much to drink and he's rubbing the small of my back. I heart him. So anyhow I leave over by the fire; while I can here the guy saying wow you are an asshole... I throw my beer in the trash and just walk home (2 houses down) I mean really? Just because you couldn't get attention? Pathetic.

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