Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flea Market

Went to the Flea Market Sunday. It was pretty cool... I liked the open Mexican market they had. I have no idea what those green pea looking veggies are! It was bothering me but they are like 5 times the size of peas! We found this cute puppy towards the end, and he was so sweet. I wanted to pick him up and take him home with me. I love big dogs, but he was just so sweet I was falling in love... I had to leave. I was probably scaring people away with my awww, oooo, eeeeeeee you so cute! hahahahaha. Need less to say, I had a good time with the b/f and my friends Krys came along. Oh we also got some pumpkins from in town! yay

2 dollars for 4 green peppers

I felt bad for the turtles bc this guy wouldn't flip own over.... he kept saying it would right himself, and I was like NO dude this owns dead on his back, and this one is struggling!!!!! WTH flip him over ASS.

I wanted this awesomeness

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