Friday, December 9, 2011

We be jammin'

Just got back from the Bahamas this morning. Got in port very early but didn't get off ship til 7 am, and had to take a taxi! My family is so weird sometimes, or should I say my mom... who scheduled a trip to North Carolina with her friends the day we get back to port in Charleston? Now does that make sense? Anyhow so we had an amazing time! We went to Nassau, Freeport and Key West.... I don't really understand the stink about Key West, it wasn't that great, but I also wasn't feeling up to par that day :( Nassau was amazing! We went to Junkanoo beach and actually got in the water! It was freeeeeeeezing BrRrRrrrrr But you're in the Bahamas you kinda have to suck it up! And after 5 minutes of being in the water you can't feel anything so it's all good ;P heh exaggerating over here ^_^ We ate lots of yummy food and the conch was amazing! Everyone I talked to back home that's been to the Bahamas said they've had conch all over in Jamaica and Caribbean, and Bahamas is by far the best! We squeezed juicy limes over their flaky butter battered bodies and dipped them into this amazing tartar sauce! I want to go back now ^_^ CAN I?! PLEASE! The cruise was ok though so rocky and wasn't that great. I'll fly next time to eat more amazing food and not average cruise line food... but that's Carnival Fantasy I suppose? It was still amazing regardless, and I can't complain because I didn't have to cook a thing! So THANK YOU all you amazing chefs, stewards/ess, and all your other fun people that made life easier for a week! Love yall! Now here are some photos of the trip!

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